Roofing Services


We specialise in all forms of roofing services including roof tiling, guttering, chimney repair, flat felt roofing, roofing repairs and complete roof restoration.

The weather in Preston and the North West seems to get more extreme and unpredictable every year, and it's our roofs that have to take the brunt of it.

If your roof has been damaged, call us before the problem gets worse. Take a look below at some of our roofing services in Preston.

Slate & Tile

A slate roof is the perfect combination of durable practicality and visual appeal. Able to withstand all manner of weather, they are impermeable to water and have an incredibly long life-span. Ward and Son roofing use all types of roof slating including natural slates and best quality man-made slates. We offer major roof repairs or replacement of sections using matching second hand replacement slates.

We can strip and re-roof all types of clay, concrete or hand made tiles, repairing old roofs using selected best quality hand picked tiles. The job is finished with re-pointing of flashings, hip/ridge tiles and valleys keeping roofs in great condition throughout Preston.From a single broken slate to a complete slate re-roof, Ward and Son are the roofers in Preston to guarantee quality and full customer satisfaction.

Flat Felt Roofing in Preston

Although used quite frequently twenty or so years ago in many buildings, there are a high number of residential homes across the UK especially in the North West and Preston that still feature flat felt roofing. These are particularly found over single story extensions built onto properties or above garages for use as patio areas for example.

Flat felt roofing is constructed when you are bridging a gap between two walls such as when constructing an external room on your property such as a utility room or extended kitchen. Comprising of joists spanning a gap between two walls, flat roofing uses either sheet timber or other materials to create a flat roof structure. Treated, weatherproofed and correctly installed by Ward and Son roofing, flat roofing can last for many years to come with very little maintenance.We can provide a complete new flat felt roof or repair your existing flat roof in Preston and the surrounding areas.

Leadwork Specialists in Preston

Ward and Son roofing carry out a wide variety of leadwork using sheet lead ranging from simple roof flashings at valleys to more complex work on dormers and roofing features. The work is carried out by our specialist lead installer.

Our ability to carry out the associated leadwork involved in the overall roof construction consequently allows you to eliminate the difficulty of contacting other roofing contractors in Preston, as we can carry out the full job for you.

Lead is the most recycled and recovered building material in use today. As a result it will last longer and in addition will age more beautifully than any of its synthetically produced substitutes. Its resistance to corrosion by the atmosphere means that Lead Sheet will outlast any alternative building materials, hence making it best value, both in monetary and environmental terms.

Facias & Soffits

Ward and Son roofing can repair your existing facias and soffits or install new fascias and soffits in Preston made from beautiful uPVC. It is extremely weather resistant and will give your home a stylish and contemporary new look. The high quality uPVC we use is non-yellowing, so your roofline will stay looking fresh for decades to come.

Fascias are available in a range of styles and colours to suit your property and preference, but when it comes to replacing fascias and soffits, choosing a good-looking roofline product is only half the story. Expert installation is vital too, in order to protect your home against damp.

Preston Gutter Repairs

Gutters become broken for a number of reasons, the main culprits being leaves and sometimes plant life. Moss is a major gutter blocking problem therefore the weight can occasionally break and warp guttering or even snap brackets. Sometimes it is just due to old age or weather, freezing then high temperatures again which will move your guttering causing damage.

Ward and Son roofing provide a free gutter check and will advise you on the most suited approach to resolve your gutter problems. We can also clean your gutters should they need it. Most properties can have their guttering replaced or fixed using ladders, however some may require the use of scaffolding if they are particularly high. Ward and Son roofers in Preston have their own towers if needed which will save cost to your repairs.

Preston Chimney Repairs

Your chimney performs an essential function. It channels toxic gases away from your home. Ward and Son roofing in Preston understand that a chimney stack is exposed to the full forces of British weather. To withstand such conditions, chimney stacks must be maintained to the highest standard.

If your chimney is damaged it can lead to a build up of carbon monoxide inside your rooms. As chimneys age they become more fragile, because of their exposure to the weather. This is why annual chimney inspections are so important.

When repairs are required they should be made with the correct materials by an experienced contractor using appropriate tools and safety systems so if you do have a fault with your chimney, call us immediately. We provide speedy chimney repairs to keep your family safe.